Thank you for the overwhelming response to our Revision Batches. We hope the students could feel the positive difference in their problem-solving approach and understanding of the subject after joining us. We also hope the students had made substantial ground in many subjects where they had been seriously lacking previously. Honestly, we feel we could have done a bit more, but by and large, we believe we had delivered on what was promised despite the limited time for our preparation while having to deal with the nuisance and stupidity of mindless legal notices and other things. One of the main objectives of this Revision batch is to demonstrate how difficult subjects can be taught in a simple way, viz. Communications, EDC, EMT for ECE and Machines, Power Systems, Power Electronics and Analog circuits for EE.


MY deserves a special mention, he has been a revelation of sorts. We are proud to place this in the public domain that he has set new benchmarks in Communications and Signals & Systems. In ECE, he took teaching to a different level esp. the way he dealt with Random Variables, Digital Communication, Information Theory and also Digital Signal Processing. And the Electrical students were just in awe of his approach for Signals & Systems. We are so pleased to have MY on our core team.


Revision Batches had been launched after thorough discussions with our current and old students who played a key role in shaping up the course in terms of pricing and level of emphasis on different topics. After several rounds of discussions, we had decided to launch 4 batches, each with a capacity of 150. The final enrolment number stands at 550 for a total capacity of 600. It was a pleasant surprise because we hardly publicized and this is completely down to the faith and trust students have in our abilities as faculty. In fact, what is even more satisfying is that as the course drew to a close, a lot of students had remarked OHM should have been started much earlier like in May/June. But, it's never too late now that we are here.  This shows how beneficial this exercise has been for the students.


Along with thorough concept revision, a total of about 2000 high-quality problems had been discussed during the 350 hrs of classroom teaching for Revision and 450 hrs of classroom teaching for Revision++ batches. Looking at the importance and usefulness of guided revision, it has been decided that going forward, OHM will conduct revision for all its long-term batch students for a period of 2-3 weeks at the time of course completion.


Students are at the core of all decisions made and OHM is the dream of all Electrical and Electronics students, all Best Faculty under one roof. Our objective is that every student who joins us should enjoy learning and leave us with a sense of accomplishment and feeling confident that he/she could easily secure his/her future from the knowledge gained. We are forever grateful to our students who supported and encouraged us over the years and for all the unmatched love and appreciation which made us push ourselves year after year to be where we are now, we will continue to push and set new benchmarks.


As a token of gratitude to all Electrical and Electronics students and celebrating the inception of OHM, we are delighted to launch the LONG-TERM program for GATE-2021, our FLAGSHIP course at phenomenally low prices. All students from across India are encouraged to make use of this unique learning platform, master the subject and fulfill their dreams. For us, teaching is a noble profession and we take it quite seriously. With its uncompromising and unmatched quality, we are 100% sure that OHM will become the Mecca for the Electrical and Electronics student community in the years to come.


Best Wishes,

Team OHM

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