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The CoVID-19 Pandemic has disrupted the schedule of our Flagship Long-Term Classroom program for GATE-2021. The Lockdown period forced us to postpone our Classroom program for the time being. Keeping in mind the safety of the students and our staff, it will not be wise to start classes as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

Several students have already enrolled in our classroom courses. A lot many graduated students and final-year students have made enquiries for the same. Keeping the interest of the students in mind, we have decided to start our classes through our Remote learning platform – OHM ONLINE+.

The primary objective behind this initiative is to start our coursework without any further delay. We believe that this program will help all of you in kick-starting your Preparation in a structured format. Just like our classroom program, we have planned to offer extensive high-quality lectures through this platform. We are providing Lecture-notes, daily problem-sheets, Online Quizzes as well as Subject/Topic-wise tests through our OHM Test Series platform.

We have tried our best to replicate our offline classroom program as much as possible. Good Luck!


Team OHM




Key Highlights:

  • The entire Syllabus for GATE will be covered in a detailed manner.

  • Daily lectures for 4-5 Hours with extensive coverage of the topics.

  • Dedicated Problem-solving sessions every day.

  • Detailed Lecture Notes along with Problem-sheets of topics covered every day will be provided.

  • Regular Quizzes on our OHM Test Series Platform along with Video Solutions.

  • GATE-General Ability Quiz on every alternate day.

  • Subject-wise tests at the completion of each Subject.

  • Dedicated doubt-clarification Videos & doubt-clarification groups.

  • Dedicated Helpline Numbers of each Subject for Doubt-Clarification by our Core Faculty.


Important Dates:

  • The classes for batch-1 began on 25th April.

  • The classes for batch-2 began on 15th May.

  • The classes for batch-3 began on 20th May.

  • The classes for batch-4 began on 9th June.

  • The classes for batch-5 began on 24th June.

  • The classes for batch-6 began on 3rd July.

  • The classes for batch-7 began on 15th July.

  • The classes for batch-8 began on 5th August.

  • The classes for batch-9 will begin on 17th August.

  • Admissions in progress for Batch-8 and Batch-9.

  • Note: Free Content is accessible on our OHM ONLINE App upon registration.


1. All Graduated students of B.E/B.Tech/M.tech

2. All Final year Students of B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech

3. All 2nd/3rd year Students of B.E/B.Tech

Fee Details: All students may pay an amount of Rs. 9,999/- only to gain access to the OHM ONLINE platform as well as the Lecture Notes, Problem-sets, and Daily Quizzes for a period of 30 days. This amount will be treated as the first installment and you will have the option to pay the remaining fees to get access to the rest of the course. 




Is it a Full-length online course?

YES! Entire Syllabus of GATE will be taught online through recorded lectures. Apart from video lectures, this course will contain daily lecture notes, daily problem-sheets as well as a well-planned Test Series. In addition to all the above, there will be a thorough revision at the end of the course completion for a period of 1 month.

Will all the content be uploaded on the OHM ONLINE platform at once?

Lectures are recorded well in advance but they will be made available to the students on our platform on a daily basis only.

Are the lectures downloadable?

There is an In-App download option which enables you to the download the content and play it offline.

What about lecture notes and study material?

Soft Copies of Lecture Notes, In-lecture practice questions,problem-sheets for Self-practice,Assignment problems/Quizzes, Topic-wise/Subject-wise previous year GATE Questions, previous year IES Questions( Both Mains and Prelims) will be provided regularly along with the daily classes.

What about problem-solving?

Every day, after the concept discussion session, there will be a 1-hour problem solving session in which the concerned faculty will pick very good questions and show how they are solved in a clear way so that the students fully understand the approach. Then the student is advised to solve the problem-set that has been emailed to get more practice and gain confidence. After this, the student can take a quiz on our OHM Test Series app to evaluate his/her progress.

How are doubts clarified?

All students are advised to email their doubts. Apart from replying you within 2 hours, we will also post doubt-clarification session videos once in every 3 days, so that all good and genuine doubts will be collected and cleared in a single video for the benefit of all students.

Also, dedicated subject-wise telegram groups are also available for the sake of doubt-clarification.

Most important of all, there will also be a dedicated Tele-helpline Portal for each subject where all Subject-related help will be offered by the correspodning Core faculty.

Is there any difference between online and offline?

We are trying our best to give the offline experience on our online platform. So, there is not going to be much difference in terms of content and number of problems. Any subject/topic started online will be completely covered just as in our classroom course.

Are the faculty same for online and offline?

Yes, you will see our same core team of faculty on our online platform also. You can go through the following link for more details: https://www.ohminstitute.com/our-team

What about Test Series?

Our online test series will be exclusive only for OHM students, both online and offline. Our roadmap video( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsClcwxHR0o ) clearly explains what we offer in our online test series and it is exclusive only for OHM students, both online and offline. In the current online course, you will get access to daily Quizzes( Both Technical and General Ability). At the time of completion of every subject, 1 day will be allotted for a full test on that subject. And on the next day, a new subject/topic will start as per the schedule.

How do I register for this course?

Registration for new students will be through our online admission portal on our website. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation mail and after verifying your details, we will email the login details to access content in our App.

Can I access the content through my laptop or PC?

No, content can be accessed only through your Mobile.

On how many devices, can I access the content using my login credentials?

Only 1. In case you want to switch to a new device, you need to sign-out from the earlier device and then you can sign-in from a new device.

Is an IOS app also available?

We are also working on our IOS app, we will try to launch it soon.

What is the quality of video recommended?

Because of the high-quality encoding algorithms in place, 360P is good enough. If you are not satisfied, you can go to 480P. Still if you want more, you can set the quality at best and then its full HD but it consumes more data.

Is 4G enough or a high-speed broadband connection is required and how much data is consumed every day?

4G is more than enough. We recommend that you download content into your app and view it offline as it will save a lot of data.

Can I do screen-recording and store the videos into my device or SD card?

No, the screen goes blank the moment you try to record the screen or take a screenshot. We will continuously get the IP address and the location of every user accessing the app. In case anybody tries to be smart, we will immediately delete the user and initiate legal action.

How many batches are available for the online course?

Currently, classes for 7 Batches are in progress with near full-strength. We have announced 1 more batch on August 5th.We may announce more batches in the future.

How is a particular topic covered?

Instead of teaching the entire topic at one go, we will break it down into several sub-topics and upload a series of short duration lectures so that it is more convenient for the student to understand and follow. We have come to this conclusion after a few experiments. The total duration of these concept discussion videos will be around 90-120 minutes. Several problems will be solved by the faculty during the lecture and in addition to this, you will get access to the Lecture notes and problem-sets through Email.

What is the fee for this course?

Original fee is 45,999/- and because of our inaugural offer, it is 36,999/- only. To ease the finacial burden on the students, students can just pay 9,999/- as 1st Installment and start their preparation. After a period of 30 days, you can pay the remaining fee of 27,000/-. If you belong to any discount category, then the pending fee will be reduced as per the discount applicable. You can know more about our course through our GATE-2021 Roadmap Video

What is the best way to use this platform?

Finish all the concept-explanation sessions thoroughly and watch the problem-solving session. After a while, revise the lecture-notes and solve the problem-sets provided. Now, take the corresponding Online Quiz for best results.

Are Sample lecture videos available?

We have made available a lot of free content on our OHM ONLINE App as well on our official Youtube Channel.We advise the students to watch the content and decide accordingly.

Are there any discounts ?

1) 50% discount for students of all IITs, NITs, IISc and BITS
2) 25% discount for students of IIITs and all other central/state Govt. colleges
3) 50% discount for students who secured below 1000 rank in GATE-2020
4) 25% discount for students who secured below 2000 rank in GATE-2020
5) 25% discount for all Revision-batch Students of OHM Institute
NOTE-1: All the above discounts are valid on our original fee of Rs.45,999/-
NOTE-2: All the above discount category students should pay the same Rs.9999/- to enroll for the online course and they have to pay the remaining fee after a period of 1 month.
NOTE-3: Any student availing discount should submit copies of all the required documents.

Is this online course recommended for current 4th year students whose sem exams are delayed?

Yes,this course will be useful for all 4th Year students. You can choose a Batch of your choice as per the dates of your semester examinations.

When will the full syllabus be completed taking this delay due to lockdown into account?

Full Syllabus will be completed by November and the entire month of December will be used for Revision. Revision will be done by our Core Faculty. You will be ready to attempt the Full-length Mock tests of GATE after this.

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