Why OHM?

OHM is the dream destination of all Electrical and Electronics students, an exclusive institute for EE, EC & IN Streams with all the Best (Best means The Best) faculty under one roof. They had graduated(B.Tech) from premier colleges like BITS-Pilani, IIIT-Hyderabad and post-graduated(M.Tech) from reputed IITs(Kanpur, Bombay, Madras).With rich experience in relevant Industries(GE, ABB, Qualcomm, TI, Ericsson, SAIL, GAIL) and years of experience in teaching, faculty had worked hard and set benchmarks in their respective subjects. They had been GATE and ESE toppers during their times'. Being successful students themselves, they understand the mindset and needs of the Electrical and Electronics students and offer invaluable guidance. The unique and competitive environment at OHM Institute will make sure that the student is sincere and dedicated during the crucial preparation phase.

Teaching is an art, and the art lies in making the toughest of concepts easy for the students and this is what the faculty of OHM have stood out for over the years. If you are serious about learning the subject and having a career in Engineering, then OHM will be the first big step for you. Faculty at OHM have taught several thousands of students at Hyderabad, Delhi, and Pune over the past decade and many of their students have been toppers over the years. Taking the right decision is the most important step towards reaching your goal. Just do a bit of research, find from your friends or seniors who had studied from us, make a few phone calls and find out if there is anyone better.

Use logic and reason to decide for yourself, what is best and take a wise decision.

How well-connected is Hyderabad to the rest of India?

Hyderabad is comfortably located and well-connected as it can be easily accessed from all parts of the country (North, South, East, West, and Northeast). It has one of the best student infrastructures in terms of physical connectivity (both inter-city and intra-city), mobile and broadband connectivity, hostels, etc.

How good is Hyderabad from a student’s health perspective?

Health is of prime concern for any student during his/her study phase. A poor health will degrade the performance of the student and will not let the student realize his/her full potential. Air and water qualities of a city are two main deciding factors for the health of an individual. According to a WHO global air quality report, air pollution levels in Delhi are nearly 4 times that of Hyderabad, making Hyderabad relatively much cleaner than Delhi. During the crucial months of Oct-January (for a GATE|ESE aspirant), Delhi is even more polluted (AQI reaching hazardous levels of >500) while the AQI levels of Hyderabad during the corresponding period is a safe <100 level.

How is the climate of Hyderabad?

The climate of Hyderabad is one of the best in the country. Neither winters are harsh (with minimum temperature of around 12-14°C) nor the summers are punishing (with a maximum temperature of around 40-42°C). In contrast, Delhi is infamous for its extreme climate (scorching summers and bone-chilling winters). Students will definitely enjoy the pleasant weather in Hyderabad.

What is the total expenditure going to be for my coaching?

The cost of coaching and the cost of living in Hyderabad is much less as compared to that of Delhi. A typical GATE|ESE coaching program in Delhi costs a student nearly 1.25 lakh to 1.75 lakh (75k to 90k towards coaching fee + 50k to 75k for 6-9 months of living expenses). In comparison, GATE|ESE coaching in Hyderabad at OHM Institute costs a student nearly 65k to 80k (37k towards coaching fee + 30k to 45k for 6-9 months of hostel expenses) which is just 50% of Delhi’s.

Note: The costs will be significantly lower in case of OHM ONLINE Classes.

How is food at Hyderabad?

Cuisine in Hyderabad is a unique blend of North and South Indian dishes. Hyderabadi’s themselves being food lovers, the city offers one of the finest and tastiest food at high quality and affordable rates. Being a metropolitan city, students can easily find food in their native style.

For GATE-2020, OHM has conducted extensive revision batches spanning almost a period of 2 months.Is there a similar provision for long-term batch students of OHM for GATE-2021?

Yes, Revision is a part of the OHM classroom program for GATE-2021. Once all the subjects are completed, then for a period of 3-4 weeks, all subjects will be revised by the concerned faculty as per a proper schedule. But there will be No separate Revision batches for Non-OHM students.

What type of study material will be provided?

Exclusive Subject-wise Study Material with extensive Theory and solved examples will be provided. The main source of content for our students is going to be the class-notes. Most of the learning and practice will take place in the class itself. Handouts with topic-wise problem sets covering all levels of questions for self-practice will be given every day. To master the subject, there are only 2 things you are required to do: follow the class thoroughly and solve all the handout and study material questions. You will be ready for any examination.


Soft Copies of Lecture Notes, In-lecture practice questions,problem-sheets for Self-practice,Assignment problems/Quizzes, Topic-wise/Subject-wise previous year GATE Questions, previous year IES Questions( Both Mains and Prelims) will be provided regularly along with the daily classes.

Can the Institute premises be used for study purpose after the class-hours?

Absolutely!! Classes will be over by 5 PM every day after which all the classrooms in the entire building are available for your study purpose during which you are advised to solve all the handouts and study material questions.

Are the faculty available for doubt clarification?

All students are advised to email their doubts. Apart from replying you within 2 hours, we will also post doubt-clarification session videos once in every 3 days, so that all good and genuine doubts will be collected and cleared in a single video for the benefit of all students. Also, dedicated subject-wise telegram groups are also available for the sake of doubt-clarification. Most important of all, there will also be a dedicated Tele-helpline Portal for each subject where all Subject-related help will be offered by the correspodning Core faculty.

I have done my B.Tech, but I lack in fundamentals. Can I understand the contents of the course and become strong in the subjects?

Definitely!! All the subjects will be covered from basics to the advanced level.

Are tests conducted during the classroom program?

Regular quizzes will be conducted apart from the several problem-sheets which are provided.A comprehensive test will be conducted at the time of completion of every subject. Full tests will be conducted at the time of course completion. All the tests will be followed by detailed paper discussion sessions for maximum benefit to the students.

Should I come early to the classroom to occupy the front-row seat?

Not at all. Our classrooms are well-equipped with state-of-the-art Sound systems and Lighting. Also, we only take 150 students per batch for maximum student-teacher interaction and best classroom experience.

Apart from classroom teaching, will any other guidance be provided?

Monitoring and Mentoring will be done through periodic interactive sessions to motivate the students. Also, Interview guidance will be provided for our students for GATE and several PSUs.

Most important of all, there will also be a dedicated Tele-helpline Portal for each subject where all Subject-related help will be offered by the correspodning Core faculty.

Why are Rank Improvement Batches/Spark Batches not offered by OHM Institute?

Any course offered at the OHM Institute will significantly improve the subject knowledge of any student and thereby, his/her performance in subsequent exams. We don't want to distinguish between students and mislead/misinform them.

Can I pay the fees in Instalments?

Yes!! You only have to pay Rs.9,999/- to beign with. You can pay the remianing fee after a period of 1 month in Installments.

Are there any discounts?

1) 50% discount for students of all IITs, NITs, IISC and BITS
2) 25% discount for students of IIITs and all other central/state Govt. colleges
3) 50% discount for students who secured below 1000 rank in GATE-2020
4) 25% discount for students who secured below 2000 rank in GATE-2020
5) 25% discount for all Revision-batch Students of OHM Institute
NOTE-1: All the above discounts are valid on our original fee of Rs.45,999/-
NOTE-2: Any student availing discount should submit copies of all the required documents.

When will the full syllabus be completed?

Full Syllabus will be completed by November and the entire month of December will be used for Revision. Revision will be done by our Core Faculty. You will be ready to attempt the Full-length Mock tests of GATE after this.