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About us

OHM is a team of cool, hungry, young and dynamic individuals, everyone unique in their own right but united by a common goal of providing the best quality guidance to the electrical and electronics engineering student community and setting new benchmarks through innovative pedagogical methods aimed at making the overall learning and test prep. exercise a fun experience.

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Our Team


  • M.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur
  • 11 years of Teaching Experience in GATE | ESE | PSUs
  • Worked as Technologist in General Electric(GE), Hyderabad
  • Six-sigma Certified on Quality Control at GE
  • Ex-faculty at ACE Academy
  • Subjects taught: Power Electronics, Control Systems


  • B.E.(Hons.) from BITS, Pilani
  • 5 years of Teaching Experience in GATE | ESE | PSUs
  • AIR-1 in ESE & AIR-26 in GATE
  • Industry Experience in commissioning large scale instrumentation projects & Expert in Communications
  • Ex-Faculty at Leading GATE Institutes across India
  • Subjects taught: Communications, Signals & Systems,Measurements, Sensors and Industrial Instrumentation, Optical Instrumentation


  • B.Tech(IIIT-Hyd), M.Tech in Microelectronics & VLSI from IIT Madras
  • 6 years of Teaching Experience in GATE | ESE | PSUs
  • AIR-18 in GATE-2012
  • Worked as Analog Design Engineer at Qualcomm and TI
  • Ex-faculty at ACE Academy, Hyderabad and Delhi
  • Subjects taught: Analog Circuits, EDC & VLSI, Networks


  • M.Tech in Power Electronics from IIT Bombay
  • 8 years of Teaching Experience in GATE | ESE | PSUs
  • AIR-82 in GATE-2010
  • Worked as Field Engineer at GE Industries, Bengaluru
  • Ex-faculty at ACE Academy, Hyderabad and Delhi
  • Subjects taught: Electrical Machines


  • Integrated Masters from BITS, Pilani
  • 4 years of Teaching Experience in GATE | ESE | PSUs
  • AIR-4 (ESE-2015), AIR-4 (CDS(I)-2013), State 5th (AP-TRANSCO)
  • Worked as Digital Design Engineer at ST-Ericsson
  • Worked as Electrical Executive, SAIL ( Asansol)
  • Ex-faculty at ACE Academy
  • Subjects taught: Digital Electronics, EMF & EMT


  • M.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur
  • 10 years of Teaching Experience in GATE | ESE | PSUs
  • Rank-1 in APCPDCL-2010, AIR-118 in GATE-2007
  • Worked as R&D Engineer at ABB
  • Ex-faculty at ACE Academy
  • Subjects taught: Power Systems and 3-Φ Networks


Chaitanya Kumar
AIR-4, GATE-19 (EC)

Hi, this is Chaitanya Kumar. I secured an AIR of 4 in GATE ECE 2019 and currently pursuing M.S. at IIT Madras in analog/Mixed-signal circuit design.I have studied analog electronics and EDC from Gautham sir during my coaching. I will like to thank him to teach the subject in a way that I decided to choose it as a career option. I found his teaching style really good. Instead of passive teaching where students just jot down what the teacher is writing on the board, he made us arrive at the concep
Raghava Reddy
AIR-32, GATE-18 (EC) AIR-26, ESE-18

OHM faculty are young and dedicated towards helping the students to achieve their goals. Hemanth sir's teaching and problem-solving sessions in the class helped me in my success. Hemanth sir motivated and gave personal suggestions and support during my preparation. Gautam sir teaches difficult concepts in an easy way and his techniques in Analog electronics, semiconductor devices are extremely useful for competitive exams. Institute is managed by the faculty themselves, so institute is students'
Vikcy Mishra
AIR-67, GATE-20 (EC)

I studied in ace academy, with few brightest faculties on that time at Delhi Saket center, especially one who taken my level from 0 to 100 in study field of some super subjects(EDC and Analog), my all time favourite sir #goutham sir ♥️ Sir I just want to say the heartful thanks to u, the way you explained concepts in depth created another level mindset. #ab kvi v hesitate nhi krta , Kisi v things KO leke in this domain (EDC and analog ).Your teaching literally sir, I loved all the time. I haven'
Prathamesh Kakade
AIR-10, ESE-18 (EC)

When I started preparing for ESE, I lacked the very basics required to solve the problems. But Hemanth sir taught all the concepts from the very basics and in a manner that was both easy to understand and to apply. He teaches in a way which doesn't require us to remember things but rather derive them in a very short amount of time which is really helpful as we are bound to forget things in the exam. Apart from academics, he also motivates his students a lot which is really important. So if you h
Avinash Singh
AIR-70, GATE-19 (EC)

I am Avinash Singh, currently pursuing my Mtech (integrated circuits) from IIT Delhi I have studied analog electronics and EDC from Goutham sir, he is one class of a teacher who not only teaches well but also create interest in you to explore the subject, coming to GATE, he has taught the analog and EDC which is a nightmare for many but he made this subjects cakewalk, also he does not make irrelevant copy filling notes, just not analog he clarifies doubts in other subjects which will leave u mes
Shalvi Dhote
AIR-70, GATE-19 (EC)

I took a hard choice 2 years back, I dropped a year for GATE 2019. For that, I chose Ace Hyderabad which turned out to be the best decision. I can say this predominantly because of Gautham Sir. He is indeed one of the gems I have come across who has inspired me to do great in every aspect. He carries a great passion and depth of the concepts he teaches. He can easily switch between a friend and a faculty. He can go to any level to make you understand something if you are passionate enough. He le